How To Reduce The Chances Of Prostate Cancer

What It Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer or carcinoma of the prostate is the growth of glandular cells of the prostate, a gland that’s in the male reproductive system. Although most of these  cancers grow slowly, some of them grow quite fast. The cancer cells might spread to other parts of the body. Factors that enhance the risk comprise of a family history of the disease, older age and your race.

Dietary Factors

It cannot be treated completely. However, there are a wide range of food types that help to reduce it. A study has shown that more men in Western countries tend to acquire the disease more quickly compared to those in East Asian countries. In a more ironical scenario, men who move from Asian countries to Western countries are likely to get the cancer as Western men. This is probably the result of the Western diet, as it contains fewer vegetables, fruit, and fish, and more dairy, sugar, meat, fat and processed foods.

Usually there are no early symptoms for the disease. The treatments are cry therapy, hormonal therapy surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. In some cases, doctors can recommend watchful waiting.

While some dietary aspects have been related with prostate cancer the proof is still tentative. However, you can boost prostate health through several nutrition tips:

Increase consumption of vegetables

Vegetables are very healthy for the body and helps boost prostate health. You should have one dark green vegetable every day such as cabbage, broccoli, kale or spinach and cooked tomatoes thrice a week or lycopene, a vital anti-oxidant found in tomatoes, as a substitute each day. This consumption will surely boost your prostate health.

Having a diet high in milk products

In many cases, regular consumption of calcium has been detrimental to prostate health. You should prevent cutting out sources of dairy. You can easily substitute it with milk in your tea or on your cereal such as rice or almond milk.

Drinking Green Tea

A recent laboratory study has shown that the extracts found in green tea can prevent the growth of cancer cells. In addition, drinking green tea is very essential in boosting your immune system, improving energy levels and getting rid of toxins.

Cutting back on meat

Cutting back on meat is very beneficial to prostate health. This was discovered in a research conducted in Loma Linda University. Vegetarians were found out to be 12% less likely than the meat-eaters to pass away from any cause.

Consumption of fish and other foods that are high in vital fatty acids, can as well assist in improving your overall health and could reduce the likelihood of many illnesses. Lentils, pulses, quinoa and nuts are also grains that can stop prostate cancer as they are complete protein substitutes.

Talking to your doctor about your risk factors is important as well. It also gives you an opportunity to ask about the benefits and risks of screening. They are able to help you evaluate your risks and discuss whether you should consider screening which is very controversial.