Alcohol addiction

Recovery From Alcohol addiction Dr Rob Hicks discusses the role of GPs in identifying and managing patients addicted to alcohol The goals of management are to achieve and maintain either a reduction in alcohol consumption or total abstinence. All patients should be made aware of the safe drinking levels and the possible health risks of

Extended Alcohol Rehab

The Benefits of Extended Alcohol Rehab No one starts off drinking intending to become addicted to alcohol. Casual misuse progresses to chronic abuse and addiction. Once a person has become addicted to alcohol, quitting drinking becomes a matter of life and death. Not only does prolonged alcoholism negatively affect physical health, alcohol addiction also has a

Alcohol Rehab

Experience Alcohol Rehab With Compassionate Individual Counseling The key to long-lasting recovery is dealing with the root issues of alcohol addiction. Those may include anything from childhood traumas to losses as an adult to a genetic predisposition to alcoholism. The very best rehab facilities provide top-notch alcohol counseling to help clients work through these underlying